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Boise School Board - VOTE TODAY

It's an important election for three seats on the Boise School District board. Incumbents Nancy Gregory and Doug Park have done well and deserve to be re-elected. Brian Cronin will make a great addition. The John Hruby-Grant Walden-Travis Jones axis is some weird concept cooked up (or at least simmered) by John Foster. While they're all capable of soft palaver, it's quite suspect. The Boise School District is the best one in the state; let's keep it that way.

Please vote, and please consider choosing Nancy Gregory, Doug Park, and Brian Cronin.  read more »

Groping in the dark for 2016

As an officially affiliated Republican voter (you could look it up), I was privileged to receive an IDAHO VOTER EXPLORATORY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE POLLING BALLOT that was Authorized and Conducted by the Republican National Committee. It's CONFIDENTIAL | NOT TRANSFERRABLE with my name preprinted upon it, by which I guess they mean I'm supposed to keep mum, but they're going to tuck my preferences into their big database in the sky and use it for fundraising and advertising and whatever. All my base are belong to them.  read more »

The development of North Ada Co. and other stories

Spent way more effort than you'd imagine to come up with this little story about urban renewal, just because Mike Moyle weighed in on Dave Bieter's supposed "power grab." I didn't follow the urban renewal thing when it was hot in the 2011 legislature, and haven't kept close track of all the development ideas for N. Ada since the real estate bubble popped.

If there is more I should know (or say), tell me.

Education deform

The proposals from Idaho's non-teaching Superintendent and Republican leadership are now three bills (all ironically titled "Education"): SB 1108, 1109, and 1110.

Call them "Killing teachers' unions," "Getting rid of teachers," and oh yeah, "Pay for Performance."

I got as far as reading the first one, and it makes me want to vomit.  read more »

The future of education in Idaho

This just in: a teaser in my blog and a new home page essay on, Pillar to post: gutting education in Idaho.

Looks like the Statesman's Letters and maybe the Readers' Views will be busy with this topic for some time. I get my say, without the word limit, and you get your say back, if you like, here.

Letters from the west

SFGate columnist Mark Morford personalized his post-election commentary in two letters: Letter to a Whiny Young Democrat last week, and Dear Tea Party: You will now get yours.

Excerpts--from #1:  read more »

Found humor

SeniorChief's answer to Richert's blog query, Are all of Vaughn Ward's critics liberal attackers? (Wrong man?):

I looked at Mr. Ward's Facebook page, and found this question immediately below his photograph:

"Not the Vaughn Ward you were looking for? Search more."  read more »

Tea Party Bonanza

If Frank Rich isn't on your Sunday reading list, he should be. Check out today's column, The Great Tea Party Rip-off.

Chock full of teh political crazy, mostly about Michael Steele. "The [Republican] party treasury, which contained $22.8 million upon Steele's arrival at the end of January 2009, was down to $8.7 million by late November, with 2010 campaign expenditures rapidly arriving."

And this: "last year the party was driven to write a rule requiring him to get approval for expenditures over $100,000."  read more »

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