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A night in the ER without insurance.

Medically we are definitely a country of haves and have nots. My friend, who has no health insurance or job, slipped and fell on the ice. Some wonderful people took her to the ER. I was called because I was in the phone book and I am her friend. I went to the hospital and was at first told her bone was not broken. Then the doctor came in and he ordered more xrays. Turns out the bone was broken.  read more »

The Tragedy in Conneticut...

My head reels at yet another tragedy that probably could have been prevented or at least been less horrific. I cannot try to get into the head of someone who would do such a thing. I can't imagine an entire Kindergarten class murdered by the teachers psychopathic son (or anyone). Beautiful children, just starting their lives....

Flashback to the summer. A bunch of people watching the latest batman movie.... A violent movie, yes but on the big screen... 12 dead....

A mall in Oregon full of holiday shoppers....

Can we do anything? Do we always have to play the victim?  read more »

Sad that no one has stepped up yet in CD2... Rant against uncontested election

Politically I am very disappointed that no one has taken up the cause of CD2 in the Democratic Party. We do not know what the future holds. With closed primaries Congressman Simpson could fall. Plus fate is strange look at Phil Hart. If we had a candidate in the race we might hold his seat in the statehouse. Plus I truly feel that no federal candidate should run unopposed. If no one is running on my side I feel that there is no hope for a brighter future. By running the race our views our spoken. Our opinions sought. There is no news in an uncontested race.  read more »

Homless girl is semi-finalist in the prestiegous National Intel Science Competion

Here is a story that gives me hope. When I was a teen I was tempted to compete but didn't because I felt the project wasn't my own. My father had designed it. I did win some science awards on my own though.  read more »

Alcohol sales initiative -- The Poll

Last night, while my husband and I were relaxing, I had call from a pollster... I always take political polls because I have strong views and I want them known. .. This poll started out like most polls.... Then they started asking me what stores I shopped at... that seemed weird... Why would a political party care whether I hate Walmart or like Costco.... My reasons for where I shop has a great deal on how I perceive that the workers are treated.  read more »

I really do not like the party caucus

Warning this is political. I am not planning to talk about issues but against caucus'.

inside the 2008 Ada county caucusLine to get into the 2008 Ada county caucus

Here in Idaho the Democratic Party has had a Caucus every four years. I have participated in the caucus every four years... This year the Idaho Republican party decided to emulate us and have a caucus too.... I think they are afraid that we Democrats go to our caucus then go vote in the Republican primary..... Today I have been thinking about the caucus... I really do not like the party caucus...  read more »

Monday Morning Coffee at the Flying M.....A Reminant of my Congressional Campaign!

In 2008 I won my parties nomination for Candidate for the House of Representatives in CD2 of Idaho….I was my parties sacrificial lamb against a 5 term incumbent… Mike Simpson…I ran mostly so the people in the second district would have a choice…I also felt that no one should be able to run for federal office unopposed. So I spent from March to November traveling my huge Congressional District….  read more »

The help and my story of living in the deep south...

I am a Navy brat.... My dad joined the Navy when I was 13 in 1974 and we started a whirlwind tour that started in Pensecola, Florida....By the time I got off the "boat" I had been to four different high schools... One of them twice...

aircraft carrier  read more »

Becoming an American

On December 1, 2011 I had the privilage of watching 30 people from 11 nations become American Citizens.... It was quite an honor. I usually find out after the fact that someone became a citizen...  read more »

I won’t shop on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, July 4 th….. And I am Jewish….Some of these holidays aren’t mine…..

I won’t shop on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, July 4 th….. And I am Jewish….Some of these holidays aren’t mine…..

I know that people need to shop. The economy needs to recover. But…..  read more »

Jimmy Farris was introduced as the Candidate for Congress for CD1

The title says it all.... We have a Candidate for Congress and it is a over a year before the election. This man is a Democrat! He is also a retired NFL player. He gave a very articulate speech at the JFK dinner tonight.....OK lets get someone in to run in the second district.

Debt Ceiling,,,, What happens if Washington defaults?

Debt Ceiling…. What happens if the Washington defaults?
Posted on July 24, 2011 by Debbie Holmes| Leave a comment | Edit

Debbie at the CapitalI am sitting here drinking a cup of coffee, listening to NPR and contemplating what will happen if the US defaults on August 2. What bills will the government not pay? Will the interest on the debt not be paid? Perhaps social security checks will not go out….. What about our military, parks…  read more »

How do I change my signature?

I note my signature still says I am running for Congress. How do I change that?

Governor your people are hurting! Do you care?

Had to serve 3 day notices to two tenants (not mine) for non payment of rent. One is a young family of 4 earning $10.25/hr as a welder. They are 2 months behind and the boss furloughed them without pay for Christmas. Thanks Mr. Otter for protecting your hardworking poor with bad jobs and poor employers. I think they will be able to pay in a week. If I fail the owner can't pay their bills instead. The house is foreclosed on. I'm not happy.

Human Rights Rally at the Statehouse Jan. 18, 2010... Tea party will have own rally.

Monday January 18 at 11 am. Meet at Boise State Student Union to make signs at 9:30 am then march down Capital Blvd. to rally @11AM. Problem is the Tea Party will be having their own rally at the same place same time.

Somehow I bet they are not big on human rights.... The anti human rights, hurt the old, the minority, the disabled, the discriminated against and the children. Governor Otter will be at a news conference for them at 12 noon. We need to stand up for what we believe in NOW!!!!

Breath Debbie do not stand for election just write....

Keith Allred announces for Governor!

We have a wonderful, qualified, educated, mediator and professor to run for Governor of Idaho. I have only seen the news releases but I am impressed. This sounds like a man that both Democrats and Moderate Republicans can back. He can bring the "great" back to the "Great State of Idaho". I am sure there will be more to come.

PRESS RELEASE - Simpson grandstands, rejects bipartisanship

PRESS RELEASE - August 15th, 2008
Debbie Holmes for Congress

Yesterday, Mike Simpson returned to Washington, while the House was not in session, to participate in an act of political grandstanding on the House floor. In a press release, Simpson claims that the Democratic leadership of the House isn't willing to allow a vote on offshore drilling. This is not true. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has stated her willingness and intention to hold a floor vote at the end off the recess to allow offshore drilling with an increase in renewable energy investment.  read more »

House passes Foreclosure Prevention Act without any help from Idaho's Representatives

The House of Representatives passed the Foreclosure Prevention Act by 272-152. Even better, President Bush indicated he will sign the legislation into law. This bill will help stabilize the markets, prevent foreclosures, protect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and provide real assistance to homeowners in trouble. The Democratic majority was joined by 45 Republicans. Unfortunately, neither Simpson and Sali felt that this was an important place to take a stand and voted together against their constituents. This is clearly an example of Mike Simpson's moderation in action.  read more »

From Kevin Richert, The Statesman Editor

Idaho's Teflon Congressman

A few days back, I attached the less-than-original nickname "Teflon" to our 2nd District congressman, Mike Simpson.

Here's why. Fellow Republican Rep. Bill Sali is facing a heated race for a second term, with his votes coming under close scrutiny. Not so with Simpson, seeking a sixth term.

We saw another case in point Thursday: Sali got drilled over his no vote on a bill that, according to Democratic supporters, would encourage oil exploration in Alaska. Meanwhile, "Teflon" got a pass for the same no vote.  read more »

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