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House passes Foreclosure Prevention Act without any help from Idaho's Representatives

The House of Representatives passed the Foreclosure Prevention Act by 272-152. Even better, President Bush indicated he will sign the legislation into law. This bill will help stabilize the markets, prevent foreclosures, protect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and provide real assistance to homeowners in trouble. The Democratic majority was joined by 45 Republicans. Unfortunately, neither Simpson and Sali felt that this was an important place to take a stand and voted together against their constituents. This is clearly an example of Mike Simpson's moderation in action.  read more »

From Kevin Richert, The Statesman Editor

Idaho's Teflon Congressman

A few days back, I attached the less-than-original nickname "Teflon" to our 2nd District congressman, Mike Simpson.

Here's why. Fellow Republican Rep. Bill Sali is facing a heated race for a second term, with his votes coming under close scrutiny. Not so with Simpson, seeking a sixth term.

We saw another case in point Thursday: Sali got drilled over his no vote on a bill that, according to Democratic supporters, would encourage oil exploration in Alaska. Meanwhile, "Teflon" got a pass for the same no vote.  read more »

Come to Stallings picnic in Pocatello! July 19! 5 PM at Raymond Park! I'll be there!

Come join the ISU College Dems and the Bannock County Democrats for the annual Richard Stalling event. This year it is a BBQ (rodeo themed). Tickets are $20 for single, or $45 for a family of 3 or more. There will be a silent auction with awesome items. There is a signed copy of "Dreams From My Father" by Barack Obama, an Obama bicycle, and other great books and items. Bring the whole family and meet the current candidates. Debbie Holmes who is running for congress here in Idaho, and just about all of the local candidates will be there too.
Hope to see you!

When July 19!  read more »

Earnest Earmarks?

I encourage you all to read 'Earnest Earmarks', co-written by Senator Larry Craig and Representative Mike Simpson several years ago, as well as the response from Reason Magazine. I agree with Congressman Simpson that earmarks have a place in our system. And I notice that Craig and Simpson concede that some reform is necessary.  read more »

IndyMac and the danger to American homeownership

In my campaign, I have often focused on the foreclosure crisis. Yesterday, the crisis took down the bank IndyMac. As a real estate agent, I had no love for this particular bank but its demise is frightening. This was an example of a bank that specialized in high risk, irresponsible loans. Unfortunately, when banks fail, people suffer. Depositors who have over $100K will lose half of the uninsured value of their deposits. There are less banks available to extend credit. When credit dries up purchases cannot be made.  read more »

Debbie Holmes: Launch of 'Healthcare for America Now'

Yesterday, a group called Health Care for America Now was launched; this is a bipartisan grassroots campaign to obtain health care for all Americans. I commend them and want my campaign to join in their efforts. If we all unite we can achieve the goal of a society where health care is given to all. Below is a link to an article about them. There is an organization in Idaho but I do not know the details yet. I encourage you to involve yourselves in this new organization.  read more »

Debbie Holmes: My Thoughts on Independence Day

Blue_sign_2In a couple days, we will be celebrating Independence Day.  read more »

Campaign Kickoff party for the general election for Debbie Holmes today

If in or near Boise:

Debbie Holmes for Congress, CD2
“Bringing Hope to Idaho”

When: 5:30-7:30PM, Wed., June 25
Where: Davies Reid –Oriental Rugs
515 West Idaho St. Boise

Hosted by Davies Reid- Oriental Rugs

Check out the campaign website

Deli Days in Boise

I know it's not politics but Ahavath Beth Israel at 10 Latah St. is in the middle of Deli Days on Friday. The food is great!

Volunteer meeting for Debbie's Campaign in Boise

Hi Gang I know this is last moment but we are holding a volunteer meeting at 7 PM on Wed. June 18 at 1304 Gourley St. in Boise, ID 83705. That is my house. Call for direction or link to map. 761-2551. This is for Boise area people, I understand that many of you live outside Boise.

Click here for map.

Where to find Debbie this week....

On June 9 and 10 I will go to the AFL-CIO convention in Pocatello. You can expect to see me at the picnic and the possibly the banquet.

Back to Boise in time for the State Convention.

I will be hosting a full breakfast buffet on Friday morning from 7-9 am at the Doubletree (convention site). The fee is
$20 and it should get you through the morning. I hope to see you there. Email me or let the Convention leaders know that you are coming. The hotel wants a head count. I know silly of them.

Debbie Holmes gears up for fall and new blog article

Hey everyone! We're regrouping to win this election in the fall. Here is a blog article I would like to share. I will try to hold a news conference next Tuesday. David, it was a great race where we both were able to air our views, I hope I can count on your support.

If you are in Boise come to Debbie's ice cream social 4-7 Municipal Park, Monday May 26

If you are in Boise come to Debbie's ice cream social 4-7 Municipal Park, Monday May 26. We will have Ice Cream, celebrate Memorial Day and talk politics and issues. Municipal Park is located at 509 Walnut St. It has a great playground and it is next to fish and game.

Remember to vote tomorrow!!!

Idaho Mountain Express endorses Debbie Holmes plus great article

excerpts from article...

2nd District candidate stumps in Ketchum

Debbie Holmes says she offers progressive voters a progressive choice

Express Staff Writer

Debbie Holmes

Debbie Holmes, a Democratic candidate for Idaho's 2nd District congressional seat, is passionate about family and education. It comes through in almost everything she says.  read more »

Vote for Debbie Holmes for Congress on May 27!

Vote for Debbie Holmes for Congress on May 27!

Debbie is a progressive democrat who wants to work on health care reform, the housing crisis and education. Her opponent, David Sneddon, said he'd vote for Larry Craig if he lost his 2002 primary against Alan Blinken, and he told the Idaho Statesman that
the politician he's most like is ... get this ... Zell Miller.

Sneddon is a Dem-in-name-only, so we need to be sure Debbie clears the primary to give the 2nd Congressional District a real choice this fall.  read more »

Onward to Camp Wellstone

Here is hoping that Camp Wellstone makes me a more effective candidate. Hope to see a lot of you there this weekend. If you happen to be there I am hosting a party at 7:30 PM Saturday night at 1408 Dearborn St. It is a cool big empty Victorian I happen to own.

Debbie's campaign schedule through next Friday

This week I am campaigning in Boise. If you are in Boise Please come.

Thursday, May 15, 12 noon - no host lunch with Debbie at Chicago Connection at 4th and Bannock.
Thursday, May 15, 6:30 PM- 8 PM - ice cream social at Municipal Park
Friday, May 16, 8 - 10 AM, Bagels with Debbie, at Blue Sky Bagels, 407 Main St.

Next week I am taking a road trip to Ketchum and Salmon.

Tuesday, May 20, 12 noon - No host lunch at Ciro's in Ketchum.
Tuesday, May 20, 5 PM, Democratic commission meeting, ski and history museum in Ketchum  read more »

Another Debbie Holmes article from Pocatello

Realtor Holmes runs for Rep

POCATELLO - Debbie Holmes looks at the problems that afflict America and the world from four different perspectives: as a dispassionate scientist, as a Realtor as a mother of three and as life-long Democrat.  read more »

Today House passes foreclosure prevention act. Bush threatens veto.

Today the Congress passed the foreclosure prevention act. This is the first real legislation I have seen that looks to help the American Homeowner who is danger of losing his/her home. It gives money so that the loans can be renegotiated at the current value of the homes. This bill could help 1.5 American families stay in their homes. I was so happy....

But wait.... first all but one democrat voted for the bill... Bill Sali and Mike Simpson Voted against the Bill. I guess that Sali and Simpson do not care about homeowners in trouble. It gets worse....  read more »

Article from Idaho Falls Paper

See the full article; click here.

Democratic 2nd Congressional District candidates Debbie Holmes and David Sneddon both live in Boiseand work in real estate, but for political purposes, their similarities pretty much end there.

Holmes, 46, is a newcomer to politics who decided to run for office at the urging of her 21-year-old son,Jesse, a junior studying political science at the College of Idaho. Holmes' stances mirror those of her son, who's serving as her policy researcher, and are generally in line with the platforms of the party's progressive wing.  read more »

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