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If you support Debbie Holmes for Congress in CD2 please write a letter to your editor

If you support Debbie Holmes for Congress in CD2 please write a letter to the editor of your local paper (and maybe others). Points to concentrate on might be that I am a main line democrat (if there is such a thing), health care reform, education, climate change, the housing crisis, the recession (OK its not official), the rising cost of energy and food, the war in Iraq. Obviously, pick one or two of your favorites when you write.  read more »

The Idaho statesman's voter guide is out today- online!!!!!

Today the Idaho Statesman's voter guide is published online. Here is a link to my answers:

I am sort of wondering where my opponent is? I was hoping to see where he stood on the issues. My website is sort of up at is up and operational. please visit it. Remember I need your vote for Congress in District 2 on May 27! I also need money to mount my campaign.

Update on Debbie Holmes Campaign

We have made some progress this week. I have a preliminary website up at up. On this website you can see my positions and contribute to my campaign . I need people to contribute to the campaign so that I can get literature printed and distributed and travel around the state to meet people. On that note I will be at the Truman Banquet on Mary 3, in Idaho Falls. I will be taping an interview for channel 6 tomorrow. I also spoke at the Obama rally on April 19, and here is a copy of my speech:  read more »

Some banks seem to want to own foreclosed property

As many of you know I am not only a candidate for Congress in the second district. I am also a real estate agent. Today, I will discuss my work and how it is related to politics.  read more »

The costs of war as a friend dies in Iraq....

About 1 hour ago I received a phone call from my husband that a friend of mine, who I'll identify later when the news service does, just died in Iraq. He was a wonderful man who lived in Idaho with a wife and 3 beautiful young daughters. He served his country proudly through multiple deployments. He was a non combat officer, when he was deployed last time he told us he would be safe, as he was a lawyer and should be out of harms way. I grieve his loss and grieve for his family. The cost of war is always high.

Debbie's three minute stump speech!

I'm Debbie Holmes, and I'm running for Congress in Idaho's Second Congressional District.  read more »

Debbie Holmes is holding an organizational meeting at Ada County Dems 1 PM Sat.

I am hosting an organizational/ informational meeting to help my campaign run smoothly. We need all sorts of help. We need someone to design and control a website, area coordinators, fund raisers, press release coordinator, people to hand out literature, phone bank, etc. This campaign is started but we need to gain momentum fast. We the people of Idaho deserve a true Democrat on the ballot this fall. I need your help. Please come to the meeting if you can or Email me if you can't!!!! We of Idaho deserve a change in leadership. Let us make our red state blue.  read more »

HI!!! This is Debbie Holmes and I can speak here now!!!!!

Organizational meeting at in Boise, at 1PM, Sat. March 29 at the Ada County Dems at Ada County Democrats:

The Ada Dems have relocated our office from our W. Overland location to 4121 W. State Street, Suite B, Boise, ID, 83703. Our office is located west of the Veteran's Parkway on the SW corner of Lander and State, behind the Moxie Java and across Lander from the Lift Bar and Grill.

Be there if you can Email me if you can't. We will do this in Twin, Pocatello and Idaho Falls. We still need organizers in all areas of our District. Lets gear up and beat Mike Simpson. We have real differences and we need to act!!!

Hello, I'm Debbie Holmes, and I'm running to be the Democratic nominee for Congress representing District 2! I'm a trained chemist working as a real estate agent in the Boise metropolitan area who has lived in the Treasure Valley for 17 years. I am a mother of three children, two of which are in college right now at the C of I and Cambridge. I'm not the most experienced candidate the party could run; this is my first political campaign. But Rep. Mike Simpson must not be allowed to run unopposed, and as another candidate hasn't stepped up, I would be proud to represent the progressive movement in the CD2 race.

You can often tell more about a candidate by looking at what they're against than what he's outspokenly for. In the case of Rep. Simpson, the list of what he's against could go on for a while. Our representative opposes increased CAFE standards on cars which would decrease the danger to our environment every time we commute. He is against incentives for alternative fuels, including homegrown biofuels that could lead this country to increased energy independence. He was against signing the Kyoto Protocol, which I would strongly support if elected.  read more »

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