PRESS RELEASE - Simpson grandstands, rejects bipartisanship

PRESS RELEASE - August 15th, 2008
Debbie Holmes for Congress

Yesterday, Mike Simpson returned to Washington, while the House was not in session, to participate in an act of political grandstanding on the House floor. In a press release, Simpson claims that the Democratic leadership of the House isn't willing to allow a vote on offshore drilling. This is not true. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has stated her willingness and intention to hold a floor vote at the end off the recess to allow offshore drilling with an increase in renewable energy investment.

Simpson claims to be a bipartisan leader in the House of Representatives. But while Simpson's actions on the House floor may be great political theater, they are a classic example of the kind of harsh partisanship that Idahoans have seen too much of in recent years. Idaho voters should ask Mike Simpson why he won't support an obvious,
bi-partisan solution to our energy woes; does he think just drill our way out of the energy crisis?

Debbie Holmes: "If I am elected to Congress, I pledge to look for real bipartisan solutions to the energy crisis, which should include funding for renewable energy research, a move away from polluting carbon-based technologies, limited drilling. By participating in this political theater, my opponent is showing that he supports offshore drilling without an eye to the future. Mike Simpson is showing that he is part of the broken system that put us in the energy bind we're in today."

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