Governor your people are hurting! Do you care?

Had to serve 3 day notices to two tenants (not mine) for non payment of rent. One is a young family of 4 earning $10.25/hr as a welder. They are 2 months behind and the boss furloughed them without pay for Christmas. Thanks Mr. Otter for protecting your hardworking poor with bad jobs and poor employers. I think they will be able to pay in a week. If I fail the owner can't pay their bills instead. The house is foreclosed on. I'm not happy.

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More to come

Unfortunately, Debbie, I feel there is much more of this to come. Every time the country gets in a recession, Idaho feels it later than most other states, then the bad times linger on here, while the rest of the nation gets back on it's feet.

Your tale of this young welder is a perfect example of what Right To Work really is. It's nothing but Right To Starve. I hope he finds another job soon, but even if he does, that $10.25 is what he's most likely to earn on the next one, even if he's very skilled. To make more, he's probably going to have head to greener pastures in other states.

What a pathetic waste of our young workers!