How do I change my signature?

I note my signature still says I am running for Congress. How do I change that?

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"My account", Edit

Say whatever you like (or nothing at all) down there at the bottom where it says "Signature"

It doesn't seem to be perminant

Thanks! It's just campaign season is coming and I do not plan on running.

Debbie Holmes
Former candidate for Congress District 2, 2008

auto fill-in

Maybe you're not hitting save after altering it?

Or, there's a chance that when you go to that page, your browser 'knows' your choice for that field and is altering it back to the old value. I've just put something silly like (definitely not running for congress) into the field; if you go to that 'My account' page and it's back to your campaign sig, you've got 3 options:

1 - look up how to clean those options up. Be careful, you could delete other autofill things you *like*
2 - use a different computer or browser -- sneak up on the field, change it, then save it.
3 - ask a techie. I'll even grudgingly help; email me or call.

Thank You! I want to talk

Thank You! I want to talk on the blog and the change seems to be made...

(definitely not running for office)

Tell the motherfuckers to

Tell the motherfuckers to motherfucking fix the shit ass crap fuck.

I can tell...

... that Bob is seriously bored when he tries to coerce d2 to come out and play. Without his beautiful grandbaby nearby to coo over, the Bobberrino just don't know what to do with hisself. :)

Close, Serephin, but no

Close, Serephin, but no potato :-)

Actually I once got chastised by the lovely and talented Debbie Holmes, formercandidateforCongressDistrict2,2008allrightsreservedthisofferonlyappliestoreadersof43rdstateblues for my vile, coarse, and fucking obscene motherfucking language here.

So ... well ... you know me ... I just couldn't resist. No harm, no foul.

Fucking sorry already. Geeze.

Someone was scolded for 43sb profanity!? I'm shocked.

Someone was scolded for 43sb profanity!? I'm shocked.

I'd welcome you to the club and hand you a t-shirt, but the TrulyBlue@43 clubhouse has been swarmed by b-tards and uninvited repressed wingnuts: some joker (Sisyphus?!) hired Larry's Aristocrats as unannounced entertainment for our Christmas party and they're still going at it. Until someone confiscates the fucking phone they're tweeting via, I don't think they're leaving. Wait, I just saw the phone -- Oy, no; Larry's now comparing potatoes and cigars.

(Larry, Tubers and a spliff. Rule 34 that, stoopid innarwebz!)