Boise State’s Ahsahta Press Ushers in 2011 With Two New Poetry Publications

"Anything good that happens in Idaho or Texas for that matter never gets any press," wrote poster freerad under our crosspost on Daily Kos. "Thanks for the news."

mcmom chimed in: "Except, of course the BSU football team."

Here is a recent example the vast intellectual and creative activity that has been alive and well in the Gem State for a long time - a tidbit for anyone concerned about teaching, learning, feminism, publishing, California, poetry and other areas.

By Erin Ryan

Ahsahta Press, a not-for-profit literary publisher at Boise State University, recently released two new poetry books that demonstrate its reputation for contemporary work that is technically accomplished, distinctive in style and thematically fresh.

“DAYGLO” by James Meetze was honored with Ahsahta’s 2010 Sawtooth Poetry Prize, judged by National Book Award winner Terrance Hayes. It confronts the hurts of reality yet is filled with light, using the landscapes of California to express the isolation of place and memory. Meetze says of the work: “The poems in this book are all of a piece, but that piece is, like San Diego, perpetually growing and often at odds with itself. Much of this book was composed while driving the various freeways — we are always driving here — being cognizant of suburban simulacra.

“A Beautiful Name for a Girl” by Kirsten Kaschock is a January book club pick by online culture magazine The Rumpus. It explores the ramifications of identity through forms that defy category. Kaschock says of the work: “In this collection, perhaps the author is looking for herself inside a list of characters she is unlike. Perhaps the author is tossing off scarves. Perhaps she is all scarf. What might be more plausible is that the author is inhabited by many characters she does not understand. Important then, to acknowledge and vivisect one’s inner fish.”


Ahsahta Press is accepting applications for the 2011 Sawtooth Poetry Prize through March 1. The winning author will receive $1,500 for a volume to be published in 2012. American poet Paul Hoover will judge submitted manuscripts.

Read about contest rules and submit online here.

Learn more about Ahsahta Press and browse its publications.

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