Becoming an American

On December 1, 2011 I had the privilage of watching 30 people from 11 nations become American Citizens.... It was quite an honor. I usually find out after the fact that someone became a citizen...

A client of mine has been married to an American for 15 years. She is an educated and articulate woman. She took the test last month. Her husband had a very important business meeting and it seemed too important an event to attend alone.... Even if the attendee was your real estate agent.... So I went.... It was wonderful to see the pride of these 30 new Americans as they took the oath of office...

Oath of Citizenship Dec. 1, 2011 Boise, ID

My client/friend....(many of my clients become my friends) was very happy to see me. She thought she would be all alone. She was very nervous. The ceremony took around 20 minutes... The actual ceremony was quick.... The judges remarks were a bit long and I didn't think to the point.

So many of us take our rights and obligations of citizenship for granted. We live in the greatest country in the world. We are really FREE....

We have the freedom to disagree with our government. To pray or not pray as we like. We can disagree politically without coming to blows. We are free to flag wave. We are free to protest. Our Facebook isn't monitored or restricted. We can strive for success.

Yes, there are problems but I can honestly say I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.... I am very lucky to have become a citizen at birth. I haven't had to flee violence, hunger or oppression. I have always been free to express my opinion. Heck, I even ran for Congress.


I am saddened that so many of our citizens don't VOTE... Some of these 30 new Americans didn't have the right to vote in their natal countries. Some of them lost relatives to war and famine. Some were under evil dictators....Some of them spent time in refugee camps... It is an obligation of every citizen to become informed and VOTE their conscious.

Signed Debbie Holmes, Citizen, Mom, former Democratic Nominee for the House of Representatives, Real Estate agent , scientist.