Alcohol sales initiative -- The Poll

Last night, while my husband and I were relaxing, I had call from a pollster... I always take political polls because I have strong views and I want them known. .. This poll started out like most polls.... Then they started asking me what stores I shopped at... that seemed weird... Why would a political party care whether I hate Walmart or like Costco.... My reasons for where I shop has a great deal on how I perceive that the workers are treated.

Then the pollster asked what I thought of the privatization of the state liquor stores... At first I really had no opinion... I worry about things like the economy, employment, education, the environment, health care.... I really could care less where people get their liquor... Personally I drink very little and maybe buy a bottle every year or so for cooking.... As we proceeded with the poll the questions became more leading... The poll was definitely designed to get us to say that liquor sales should be privatized... It would get the state out of the liquor business... Wouldn't that be great.... Wait a second each of these little liquor stores is a small business... Putting hard liquor in the grocery stores wouldn't offset the jobs lost in closing the liquor stores....The leading questions also made it clear that the grocery stores were behind this....Why would I support this alcohol sales initiative?

The initiative is clearly designed to make the big grocers more profitable, kill state run liquor stores (small businesses), make the already strapped state government more strapped.... Another way to spin this is we have an initiative that will give more money to big box stores, kill jobs, wipe out a class of small businesses and reduce a revenue stream for the state of Idaho... I cannot and will not support the alcohol sales initiative...

Where I was indifferent and ignorant I am now informed.... Thank you whoever payed for this leading poll.... I followed the money and I have the answers... They are not pretty... So now I am willing to fight the alcohol sale initiative just as I am willing to fight for health care reform.....

Why does this belong in a real estate blog? Because we are small businesses and we need to support other small businesses. I will not fight the alcohol sales initiative because it hurts small businesses and hurts the great state of Idaho.

Debbie Holmes