Travis Manning to Run for Idaho Legislature in Canyon County

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Travis Manning, author of the article below Why do Idaho charter schools have 10% fewer Brown students than White? announced his candidacy for the open legislative seat in District 10, Canyon County. Speaking last night at a gathering of Democrats at the Caldwell Public Library, he detailed his reasons for stepping into the fray, including the fact that "absolute power corrupts absolutely," referring to the antics of the Idaho GOP.

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Travis' platform also includes strategic action against the regressive policies of State Superintendent of Education Tom Luna. He would fill the seat left by the late Pat Takasugi.

Travis Manning is currently an English teacher at Vallivue High School. He is executive director of The Common Sense Democracy Foundation, an Idaho grassroots think tank formed in June 2011 in response to radical education reform measures in Idaho. He is a member of the Idaho Council of Teachers of English and active participant with the Boise State Writing Project. Travis is active in his local teacher’s union where he has led and been engaged in numerous committees. In 2011 he spoke out at the Idaho House and Senate Education Committee hearings in support of Idaho public schools, and has since published a number of editorials across the great state of Idaho supporting the voices of all Idaho citizens. He supports the needs of all learners in public schools and works hard in his teaching to reach out to help struggling students. He is an advocate for parents and teachers, believing that they are critical stakeholders in the success of Idaho’s children, despite being largely ignored by the Idaho legislature in 2011. Travis has taught high school English and Journalism for seven years in Caldwell, Idaho, and two years of middle school before that in Salt Lake City. Most recently, Travis gave up coaching high school wrestling, one of his great loves, in order to advocate for parents, teachers and students in Idaho governmental affairs.

Travis, an Eagle Scout himself, is currently Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop in Caldwell, Idaho, and has been involved in Scouting in some capacity or other his entire life. From being a Den Chief and Patrol Leader in his younger years, to being a merit badge counselor, district commissioner, Scout camp counselor or Scoutmaster, among many other duties, in later years. One of the highlights of his Scouting experiences was working on the media staff at the 2001 National Scout Jamboree in Fort AP Hill, Virginia, with his younger brother. Travis has been involved in numerous school, community and church sports leagues over the years. He takes the lessons he learned in sports and Scouting to heart and has been active in numerous political campaigns and community advocacy activities. He is a freelance writer, active in his church congregation, and has served in a variety of church leadership roles throughout his life. In college, he worked for his university newspaper as a beat reporter. His most recent athletic accomplishment was completing the Boise Half Ironman Triathlon in 2010. He served a two-year mission to Philadelphia in the early 90’s and enjoys traveling, camping, bicycling, reading, and spending time with his wife and two children, soon to be three. Travis is married to Ann Ellison, who stepped down as an ornithologist with the USGS when the family came along.

Travis is Executive Director of The Common Sense Democracy Foundation, an Idaho citizen think tank, and can be reached at