Sad that no one has stepped up yet in CD2... Rant against uncontested election

Politically I am very disappointed that no one has taken up the cause of CD2 in the Democratic Party. We do not know what the future holds. With closed primaries Congressman Simpson could fall. Plus fate is strange look at Phil Hart. If we had a candidate in the race we might hold his seat in the statehouse. Plus I truly feel that no federal candidate should run unopposed. If no one is running on my side I feel that there is no hope for a brighter future. By running the race our views our spoken. Our opinions sought. There is no news in an uncontested race.

Somehow it invalidates my run and candidates run for this seat. I feel that what I did was worth the $15000 I raised. A better speaker with more prep could do a better job. Against Simpson the battle would be hard but at least it gives us hope in CD2 when someone is willing to run. I might run myself if I could raise money by the March 9 deadline. I am not a great speaker. Others could do better with less effort. But I would do a great job if elected. Why are we to afraid to put people forward? Why are we unwilling to support hard races where victory seems distant? Is the race worth running? Do we cede victory to the Republicans and Tea Party in Idaho by choosing not to put our worthy people forward.

If we Democrats really want what is right for Idaho, and I mean all Idaho, we need to run races in every district, especially with the closed primaries. Many people in our Great State will not have the opportunity to cast a vote in the 2012 election that has any meaning. All decisions will be made in closed primaries. Their candidates may be even more extreme. With some people I am not sure we even speak the same language.

Come on Idaho our people, children and state are too important to cede the race without a fight. I am mad! I am so mad I couldn't go to the Woman's caucus breakfast. I feel devalued. The leadership didn't feel it was important enough to encourage a candidate for 3 races running. I was not sought. I stepped up.

If we want to be a party of winners we need to act like winners. We need to be prepared to take any opportunity offered. We need to put our great spokespeople in all the races so that we give the voter a real choice. The candidate needs to start early. Build consolidation within the party. Then seek other votes. We will win by appealing to Idaho. The winning candidate needs to want what is best for all of Idaho. Those values are best described by our party. When we do this we might just win more races. We have until March 9 to step up.

We are losing great people in the statehouse because they need help. They need more Democrats. The other side has gone off the deep end. I understood the Republican of 20 years ago -- I cannot believe what has passed this session. We need to end this LUNAcy, we need to have our best people step forward and when they step forward we need to stand behind them so they can WIN..

Our state anthem starts "And here we have Idaho -- Winning her way to fame,"


These days I feel that we are winning our way to shame. Cutting education funding, failing to add the words, treating our state workers poorly, the Luna "education" laws, etc. We need a change. The other side wont give it, but maybe if we have the candidates and the nutters win the primaries we can take more seats in the Statehouse and bring balance back to Idaho.

Debbie Holmes, Former Candidate for the House of Representatives, CD2, 2008. If you want contact me.