Why I Support Betty Richardson for the Idaho Legislature

Betty Richardson

It’s high time the Idaho Legislature started serving the best interests of Idahoans rather than catering to special interests. Idahoans want a stronger economy, better jobs, and public schools that help every child succeed.

High priced lobbyists often have other priorities. But Idaho needs legislators who are dedicated to issues that everyday Idahoans care about. It is time for new leadership. I am running for the state senate to help strengthen Idaho families, protect Idaho communities, and build an economy that works for all Idahoans! - Betty Richardson, Candidate for Idaho Senate, District 15.

In the state senate, Betty will support legislation that will:

* Promote quality public schools

* Increase government accountability

* Help working families

* Promote transparency and accountability in government; and

* Protect and preserve our unique quality of life


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"I will bring to the Idaho Legislature the values I learned from my parents – respect for others, compassion, frugality, honesty and hard work," Betty says. "The people of District 15 will always come first with me, and I will work to consistently represent their interests."

Who is this candidate?

First, take a look at her proven record of public service:

Idaho’s United States Attorney

Nominated by the President and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate, Betty served as Idaho’s United States Attorney for seven years. As the top federal law enforcement officer in the state, Betty expanded victim’s rights programs, prosecuted drug dealers, and recovered more than seventy-five million dollars in fines which went to help fight crime. She created a highly successful drug education program that reached thousands of Idaho families and worked in partnership with state, local and tribal law enforcement to host Idaho’s first-ever conferences on hate crimes and methamphetamine.

Betty knows that our first responders – firefighters and police officers – are our first line of defense in keeping our neighborhoods and communities safe, and she strongly supports those who serve in these critical public safety roles.

Chairman and Member of the Idaho Industrial Commission

Nominated by Governor Cecil D. Andrus and confirmed by the Idaho State Senate, Betty adjudicated workers’ compensation disputes, reviewed appeals from the Department of Employment, and administered the Idaho Crime Victim’s Compensation Program. Her service on the Industrial Commission was applauded by representatives of business and labor alike: along with her fellow commissioners, she streamlined red tape, implemented a successful mediation program, and improved the administration of justice for those injured on the job.


Betty was born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho. Her dad was a Danish immigrant, a naturalized citizen whose passion for his adopted country knew no bounds. Dinner at Betty’s house was often an occasion for a civics lesson: education was a core value and public service was simply the price well paid for the blessings of country and community.

As a young adult, Betty worked in blue collar, pink collar and white collar jobs to put herself through college at the University of Idaho where she earned a degree in Political Science. When it came time to select a career, Betty looked for some place she could make a difference. Inspired by the contributions and wisdom of our founding fathers – many lawyers among them – Betty chose a career in law.

Betty has been married for 33 years to her husband, Peter, a lawyer in Boise. They are the proud parents of two grown children, both of whom attended Idaho public schools. Betty credits her public school teachers, along with her parents, for inspiring her to pursue a career in public service. In two of her most significant leadership roles, Betty broke new ground, being the first woman appointed to the Idaho Industrial Commission and the first woman appointed to serve as Idaho’s United States Attorney.


Do you live in Boise's District 15? Then vote for Betty Richardson and give your district the representation it deserves!

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Go Betty!

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