Maria Gonzales Mabbutt will best serve District 12

Maria Mabbutt

Canyon and Gem counties send a strong delegation of legislators to Boise. It’s a full contingent of Republicans and the voting bloc holds significant power. Certainly the local voters wield the most power at the ballot box and there’s opportunity for change in District 12 where the incumbent has held on to his seat for 26 long years.

There’s only one candidate who should be booted out this election season. That’s Robert Schaefer in District 12. He has a worthy opponent: Democrat Maria Mabbutt. - Idaho Press Tribune, Friday, October 22, 2010

"Look what I just found!" the Canyon County Democratic Party Facebook page says regarding the above article. "You need to friend Maria--especially if you live in District 12--that's Nampa from just south of the Boulevard north quite a ways."

Here is her page: Mabbutt 4 Idaho.

I first met Maria Mabutt in early 2008. She is fearless, tireless, and consistent. I have rarely seen Maria without a petition or referendum in her hand for people to sign.

From a discussion on another thread about civility, Mabbutt wrote:

... So GREAT when people talk (respectfully) with each other! I know some/many of us will FIRST look at the integrity/honesty (character) of an individual. EACH of us have to follow our Heart.

I OFTEN share ...(since I am a "Christian") that Jesus rode a donkey (not an elephant), he spent much of his time: 1) with those who were "shunned" by "society" PLUS "blessed" them! and 2) spoke "firmly" to those "in power" - so, as a TRUE Democrat (and "Christian") I think I am on the "right" path...

As a woman and Chicana Activist, I could NOT be a Republican!

For the most part, Democrats' actions are consistent with their words. In my experience (40 years here in Idaho; I am a transplant from Texas) many Republicans' (especially those in positions of "power") words are hollow! Having said this, I DO know and associate with several Republicans, who I respect very much. They are honest, have integrity PLUS are open-minded AND value others and TRULY care about them; most of these inidividuals are NOT in "positions of power!"

Maria Mabutt's character speaks volumes.