"What I'm taking to the Idaho Senate," a letter from Betty Richardson

The letter below is from Betty Richardson, a candidate for Idaho Senate, District 15:

My dad, Fred Hansen, was a Danish immigrant, a naturalized citizen who loved our country with every fiber of his being. Dad looked like a modern-day Viking. He had a Paul Bunyan physique and a powerful voice that resonated like thunder.

Dad taught me to speak from the heart, to appreciate nature and its bounty, to be thankful for my blessings, to feel compassion for those in need, to honor working men and women, and to fully engage in public life.

Dad passed away 25 years ago, but I still have his hard hat. It is one of my most cherished possessions. It represents Dad’s hard work in the logging camps and lumber mills, work he did to give my brother and sisters and me a brighter future.

When, as a young adult, I thanked Dad for his labors, he replied, “You will thank me by doing this – and more – for your children.” Before someone coined the phrase “pay it forward,” Dad well knew its meaning.

When I am elected to the Idaho State Senate, I will take my Dad’s hard hat with me. It will remain for me an important reminder of the everyday Idahoans who do the work that builds our communities, our state, and our nation.

And I will continue to honor Dad’s legacy by doing all I can, not only for my own children, but for all Idaho’s children.

I ask you to help me succeed in this important endeavor. I ask you to help me raise the critical funds to win my race. And I ask you to join me, this Father’s Day, in honoring all those who work for a living.

Idaho’s breadwinners – men and women alike – deserve our thanks and our support. Let’s work together to “pay it forward.”

Yours Truly,


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