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On Sunday, July 1, 2012 at 12:37am, Nicole wrote:

All I can say is thank you. Idaho, I love you. Two weeks ago I thought there was no way I was even getting anywhere near close to meeting this $180,000 goal. But from all the house parties Stacy Freeburn Falkner, Becky Morgan, Rickie Brady, Katie Rotchford, J.j. Saldana, Jack Donnelly, Ann & Jerry Shively, Dawn Andersen, Char Roth & Bruce Tiddwell, Lisa & Jacob Haeberle, Stephen Weeg & Nancy Grecco, Linda Sturman, Kathleen Cameron, and ALL those who attended & helped, to Kevin Kelpe & the Red Feather and all those county chairs & organizers who had me speak and let me raise $ at their democratic events; To Cindy Gross, Nancy Stouffer, Victoria Brown & all those MANY who gave and gave and gave... so many of you; your faith in me is such an honor. I will work so hard for you. To my staff and many many volunteers -- all those who made calls to raise funds, all those who asked friends, to my sister Cree LeFavour and dad Bruce LeFavour who asked people they knew in other states -- to everyone who cheered me on, and for the sweet text and messages that kept my heart going... Together with whatever we got in the mail and the huge sums from the house parties and Carole King's generous gift of music... this is enough to impress anyone or any organization --- this total of over $160,000 is amazing because it is the generosity not of PACs but of more than 800 ordinary people who care about making congress and the state of Idaho better. Thank you.

With love... nicole


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Senator Nicole LeFavour faces an important congressional campaign fund raising deadline on June 30. Please donate today.

"This is a very important time to show the state and the nation that Nicole has your support!" - Stalwart Progressive Activist Cindy Gross

Nicole LeFavour said:

I’m an Idaho Democrat because Democrats care about working people, families and small businesses. We believe in communities and that people pull together to overcome great obstacles. We believe a strong public education system and a more affordable college education are the foundations of the American dream. Our nation needs new congressmen and women determined to solve problems and lead our country back to prosperity and the values of compassion and cooperation that made us great. -


From Nicole's official campaign site:

Legendary singer/song writer/recording artist, Carole King's doing benefit concert for Nicole in Boise! • 4 PM, Sunday Sept. 9. Living room venue in foothills. Only 50 tickets. $10 for a raffle ticket chance to win 2 tickets to the concert. Your donations mean the world to the campaign. -- Up to next Saturday July 1st, for every $1000 we raise from raffle tickets we will release 2 more tickets to be raffled off -- so if you get your friends to buy raffle tickets before then, that increases (not decreases) your chances of winning concert tickets. Right now we can raffle off 4 tickets. JOIN US! BUY RAFFLE TICKETS

Senator LeFavour will be in Hailey area June 27, in the Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Blackfoot & Pocatello areas June 30 through July 5. She looks forward to meeting you. Please call the campaign office if you'd like to set up a meeting and get involved with the campaign. 208 209-8485.

I'm Senator Nicole LeFavour. As a teacher and former small business owner who grew up in central Idaho, I know Idaho can do better for its schools, at creating jobs and and protecting its clean drinking water and wild places. I've served eight years in the Idaho legislature standing up for small class sizes and to stop budget cuts which have eliminated thousands of jobs. I ask for your vote and support as a donor or volunteer this election. I'd like to be your next Congresswoman and I very much look forward to working with you.

Election day is Tuesday November 6. Please make sure to talk to people you know about the issues in this race and why their votes matter on Tuesday November 6.

THE ECONOMY • Our nation’s job creators are not millionaires or corporations but small businesses and regular working people. Americans create jobs when they can participate fully in the economy, when they can afford to replace a broken washing machine, buy clothes for their children, fix the car, eat out at a restaurant or afford a home or college degree.

FINANCIAL CRISIS • Congressman Simpson voted again and again to loosen the federal banking regulations that led to our nation’s financial crisis. Sadly he also voted to spend $700 billion to bail out banks without providing any help for the small businesses struggling to get loans to create jobs across Idaho.

FAIRNESS • Our nation has reduced taxes on millionaires at a time when our national debt has reached record levels. Congress should allow the Bush era tax cuts to expire for those making more than $250,000 a year and keep the cuts and credits in place for working families and seniors. If the most wealthy 1% in America again paid their fair share we’d trim more than $1.2 trillion from the deficit.

JOBS • I am dedicated to restoring jobs, not eliminating thousands with repeated budget cuts. Food processing plants have closed and most Idaho products are now exported as raw materials, sending Idaho food producing jobs overseas and across state lines. I’d ensure grants, not incentives (which shift taxes to small business and families), are available for businesses to open food manufacturing facilities that create jobs and prosperity in Idaho.