Holli High Wooding Stands for Energy Independence, Ethics/Accountability, and Well-funded Effective Education

“To my family, Idaho is one of America’s last best places. I’m running because I believe that while we must look to preserve the best in Idaho, we also need to push forward on issues critical to our future—energy independence, ethics and accountability, and most importantly, a well-funded and effective education for our kids.” Holli High Woodings


Holli High Woodings is a Democratic candidate for Idaho House of Representatives in District 19, Position B, representing Boise's North End, East End, Downtown, Hidden Springs and the Foothills.

Be part of the effort to send Idaho’s next young, progressive leader to the statehouse. Together, we can make a difference in our education, energy and ethics arenas and prepare ourselves for a vibrant future.

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Holli is a longtime resident of Boise’s North End, where she lives with her husband Ryan and their toddler Mary. A graduate of Boise State University, Holli is the owner of Woodings Group Public Relations, a small business focused on growing Idaho’s clean energy organizations through relationship building and collaboration. She also acts as kitchen table advisor for Ryan’s growing software company, MetaGeek.

Holli is known in the community for being an outspoken advocate, active volunteer, and dependable partner for the many issues that contribute to Idaho’s wonderful quality of life.

Well-funded education

Our education system in Idaho has taken a beating in recent years due to reduced funding, lack of visionary leadership and a struggling economy. Strong public schools are critical to the future of our state, in helping our kids succeed, building vibrant communities, and developing a quality workforce for businesses. It’s time to open dialogue with educators, parents, business leaders and lawmakers to develop viable solutions and restore funding to our public schools. It’s an investment in our future we can’t afford not to make.

Energy Independence

Idaho has a respectable array of in-state energy resources, yet imports nearly half of its electricity from out of state coal powered plants. In 2007 the Idaho Legislature developed the Idaho Energy Plan, a forward-looking blueprint for Idaho’s energy independence, keeping our resources and jobs in state. Revised in 2012 and armed with a robust minority report, the Energy Plan could, and should, act as a guidance document for future energy policy in Idaho. We have the opportunity to take advantage of our vast renewable resources, strengthen our economy, and create a cleaner, more secure energy portfolio for future generations.

Women’s Rights

Holli said: I know first hand what it means to have honest and effective reproductive health education, and am fortunate to have benefitted from quality, accessible reproductive health care. It’s important to me that both women and men have the ability to make informed reproductive decisions, and to have the health resources to support them. When those decisions are difficult for any reason, I support the woman’s right to make her own choices without the interference of the state. I pledge to act as a strong female voice to uphold our rights as women, and to make progress toward a more just Idaho for our daughters.

An ethical government

Our state is made up of more than businesses and the wealthy; it’s made up of citizens of every stripe, working hard to make the best life we can. Our state government’s duty is to uphold the rights of citizens and protect those citizens from discrimination, whether they be women, minorities, gay or transgender. The job of lawmakers is not to instill personal ethical and religious beliefs in decision making, it’s to represent the members of our community. Their responsibility is to act as role models and public servants to the people of Idaho.


Blue Collar Roots

Holli grew up in Eugene, Oregon, the youngest of 3 girls. Her mom, Julie, is a semi-retired hairstylist and comes from a Southern Oregon logging family. Her dad Chuck, a car buff, is retired from the auto parts industry. At age 7 her parents separated and she stayed in Oregon, but spent many holidays and summer months in Boise’s North End with her father and stepmom, Sally, a retired City of Boise employee. In 1998, she moved to Boise’s North End and made it her home.
Personal Ambitions

The first of her family to graduate from college, Holli worked full-time and attended Boise State as a non-traditional student, graduating in 2007 with a degree in English. Prior to graduation she was offered a position with one of Idaho’s most successful renewable energy development companies, where she was a quick study in energy development and policy. She then founded Woodings Group and began helping other renewable energy organizations to achieve success through strategic relationship building.

An Active Citizen

Holli is highly involved in the community, serving her second year as president of Boise’s North End Neighborhood Association (NENA). During Holli’s tenure, NENA has taken its neighborhood leadership to a new level, and now acts as a valued community partner and advocate for other area non-profits. In the past 3 years NENA has developed consensus to support children’s arts organization TrICA for their historic preservation of Hyde Park’s Emanuel Methodist church, and Land Trust of the Treasure Valley for their purchase of Harrison Hollow. Holli is also part of “Collaborative Visioning,” a communication-minded group of neighborhood leaders from Downtown, the East End, Veteran’s Park and the Boise Bench.

Recently, Holli volunteered as social media coordinator for the successful Yes! For Boise Schools campaign, the effort to fund Boise’s public schools through a temporary supplemental levy. During the holiday season, she devotes her time to Care2Share, a volunteer effort committed to providing Christmas to our community’s most in-need families. In the past, Holli has been the coordinator of Boise’s grassroots technology meet up group, TechBoise and co-founder of Energy Drinks, a happy hour for clean energy professionals.