Travis Manning: Help Register Voters this Saturday, Aug. 4

Travis Manning, who is the Executive Director of the Common Sense Democracy Foundation, and a Democratic Candidate, Idaho House 10A, is taking the lead on a voter registration drive.

I received this note in my inbox:


Friends and Activists,

Thank you for volunteering to canvass and register voters here in Caldwell this coming Saturday, Aug. 4.

Here in Caldwell’s Legislative District 10, Leif Skyving, Angel Zeimantz and I are working to register 1,000 Caldwell voters in August. Of the 45 thousand in the district only 14,619 are registered voters. That’s it. Caldwell, while 39.19 percent Democrat, has the lowest number of registered voters in the entire state of Idaho! (emphasis mine)

Caldwell also has the highest percentage of Democratic voters in Canyon County. True story. The next closest legislative district is LD 13, with 18,513 registered voters. Of the 35 legislative districts in the state of Idaho, Caldwell has 3,894 fewer registered voters than the next highest legislative district.

The moral of the story: we have important work to do and we need your help to register Democrats!! If you are tired of the 85 of 105 legislators making all the decisions in Idaho, we have an opportunity to help change this by registering enough Democrats to a winnable level.

WHAT: Door-to-door canvassing for unregistered voters in Caldwell

WHEN: This Sat., Aug. 4, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

WHERE: Meet at the Acapulco Restaurant, 819 Main St., Caldwell, ID

CONTACTS: RSVP (text okay) to Judy Ferro, 208-454-8742; or, Travis Manning, 801-824-8226

Show up at 9:30 a.m. to meet, pair up experienced with inexperienced canvassers, and receive a brief training and materials. Bring walking attire fit for summer weather, including water bottle & hat. We'll supply all the canvassing materials you'll need like clipboards, pens, forms, maps. Meet back at the Acapulco Restaurant for a quick bite to eat thereafter, if you’re hungry. Enjoy great local Mexican food while being an important part of change for Canyon County!! Spanish speakers encouraged, but not required. Please pass along info to others who may want to help! Let us know if you are bringing someone to ensure we've got enough materials.


Travis Manning

Candidate, Idaho House 10A


Travis Manning is currently an English teacher at Vallivue High School where he has taught for seven years. He is Executive Director of the Common Sense Democracy Foundation of Idaho, an Idaho grassroots think tank formed in June 2011 in response to radical education reform measures in Idaho. He is a member of the Idaho Council of Teachers of English and active participant with the Boise State Writing Project. Travis is active in his local teacher’s union where he has led and been engaged in numerous committees. He supports all of his fellow teachers and all of the hard work they do. In 2011 he spoke out at the Idaho House and Senate Education Committee hearings in support of Idaho public schools, and has since published a number of editorials across the great state of Idaho supporting the voices of all Idaho citizens in the legislative process. He supports the needs of all learners in public schools and works hard in his teaching to reach out to help struggling students. He is an advocate for parents and teachers, believing they are critical stakeholders in the success of Idaho’s children.

Travis' Priorities

Travis, working here with members of the citizen think tank The Common Sense Democracy Foundation, believes strongly that citizens want state leaders who set a good example. Citizens want to trust their elected officials and they want lawmakers who listen and act accordingly. They want policy makers and implementers to act in accordance with the standards the rest of Idaho follows. Idaho Democrats want to restore the credibility of our democracy and to stamp out the double standards and unethical behavior. Idahoans value fair play and a shared responsibility to do what is right and they tire of the political theater and gamesmanship that runs rampant in the controlling party. Therefore, Idaho Democrats are leading the way in much needed ethics reform.

Travis, a high school wrestling coach, stepped away from the sport to run for political office because he believes all students deserve a high-quality education with teachers who have been given all the necessary tools to succeed. The Idaho Constitution requires lawmakers to maintain a “thorough system of public, free common schools.” Parents, teachers and students deserve a voice in how education policy is implemented. Citizens must ensure that public dollars are properly used in schools to best prepare all students for the global economy of the 21st Century. Investment in public education is an investment in Idaho’s economic future.

An avid outdoorsman, Travis believes we must improve the quality of life for the middle class in a fair and equitable way. We must build strong communities based on equal opportunity for all citizens. In order for Idaho to prosper we need to fight the crony capitalism that has crept into Idaho political culture. Let’s build a free-market economy, but let’s not let the business lobby get so cozy with government that the two become inseparable. We must ensure that public funds aimed at job creation result in new and better paying jobs. Instead of outsourcing education jobs through out-of-state online schools, for example, we must maintain local control of our schools and keep our hard-earned taxpayer dollars right here in Idaho. As Governor Otter always says, we must all “Buy Idaho.”