A Future Leader, Now. Jimmy Farris For Congress

Jimmy Farris has a reputation for setting challenging goals and achieving those goals through hard work, determination, and persistence. As a child in Lewiston, Idaho, Jimmy set a tough first goal: to play professional football.

His parents, Bob and Sharon, taught Jimmy and his four siblings that he could do anything he set his mind to through hard work and determination. Bob, a teacher and principal, and Sharon who spent a lifetime working in the healthcare industry, showed Jimmy the value of being a community leader and instilled a deep respect for being involved in his neighborhood and church.

A graduate of Lewiston High School, Jimmy attended the University of Montana, earning a degree in Marketing and Management while having a standout football career with the Grizzlies. Graduating in 2000, Jimmy took the next step in chasing his dream and entered the NFL Draft. Despite his exceptional performance as a wide receiver, he went undrafted.

Undaunted, Jimmy continued to pursue his dream to play in the NFL. He was invited to attend the San Francisco 49er's pre-season camp for the longest of shots of making the roster of an NFL team. Through that same hard work, dedication, and persistence, he learned growing up in Idaho, Jimmy (almost through the sheer force of his will) made the team and began his NFL career.

Jimmy spent the next six seasons in the NFL as a wide receiver with the 49er's, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, and the Washington Redskins. As a player, it is no surprise that Jimmy was known as a hard-working dedicated team player. As a member of the 2001 Patriots Super Bowl Championship team, Jimmy was the team's overachiever.

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After a successful career in the NFL Jimmy transitioned into sports broadcasting, giving him time to turn his attention to becoming the kind of community leader his family had instilled in him. In addition to volunteering his time at local food banks and homeless shelters Jimmy achieved another goal by opening The Jimmy Farris Future Leaders Foundation. The foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping and developing young leaders with the skills necessary to excel academically, spiritually, socially and athletically. Jimmy was able to help underprivileged kids by providing them support and a set of values that would ensure success in whatever they chose.

Recently, Jimmy returned to his home in Idaho, to be closer to his family and continue to give back to the community that has given him so much in life. After achieving his dream and living his passion in the NFL, Jimmy knew it was time to give back to the state and nation that made it possible for him to pursue his dreams.

Jimmy is running for Congress because he believes this is a critical moment when we need leaders in Washington that will pull together the diverse group of Representatives in the U.S. House, and get to the work the American people sent them to do. Using that same spirit of hard work, dedication, and persistence, Jimmy will get things done for the people of Idaho and the nation and work to keep America the best place for anyone to pursue and achieve their dreams.