Farris to Labrador: “Do you agree with Rep. Akin?”

Idaho- 1st Congressional District candidate Jimmy Farris demanded today that Congressman Raul Labrador reveal his stance on the issue of rape-related pregnancy.

Jimmy Farris

On Sunday, Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) claimed that it is highly unlikely for women who are victims of “legitimate rape” to become pregnant, saying their bodies disrupt the reproductive process in response to the trauma.

Bryan Fischer, spokesperson for the American Family Association and former executive director for the Idaho Values Alliance, defended Akin’s comments, saying Akin is “absolutely right” about the near-impossibility of conception occurring as a result of rape.

Congressman Labrador has strong ties to Fischer. When Congressman Labrador announced his candidacy for his first congressional run in 2009, Fischer was the first person he emailed with the news. Labrador and Fischer have hosted Tea Party rallies together, and Fischer has claimed that he and Congressman Labrador are “good friends.”

“Representative Akin’s and Bryan Fischer’s comments are sexist, ignorant, and disgusting,” said Farris. “To suggest that a woman who becomes pregnant as a result of rape was not actually victimized is outrageous and demeaning. Akin and Fischer are utterly dismissing the suffering of the 32,000 women who become pregnant as a result of rape every year. They are trying to shift the blame back to the victims. It’s sickening.”

Mitt Romney denounced Akin’s statement, and several members of the GOP have called on Akin to terminate his candidacy.

“Congressman Labrador, do you agree that Akin should end his candidacy, or do you agree with Todd Akin and Bryan Fischer? Do you believe that ‘legitimate rape’ does not result in pregnancy?”