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Susan  B.  Chew (D)     

Legislative Term: 4
Born in Oakland, CA; bachelor's degree in biology & natural resources, UC Berkeley; Pharm.D., UC San Francisco; professor; member United Vision for Idaho and Women in Government; 2003 Women Making History Award, 2006 Cultural Center Service Award.

From her Facebook page:

"There is testimony before the Joint Education Committees this Friday from 8-10am. Please come and listen. Please share far and wide. Testimony accepted. 3 minute max. If submit written, will be added to the record. Am checking to see if emailed and otherwise sent can be added as well."

From her website:

It was my pleasure this month to attend the American Heart Association’s Youth Lobby Day - and to search with five Filer high school students for solutions to the health problems facing Idaho children. Budget cuts to schools and social services have limited the opportunities our youth have to develop life-long, healthy habits. Children may be resilient, but their health issues shouldn’t be treated lightly. “Several studies,” warns the American Heart association, “have indicated that this generation of youth may be the first generation to have a shorter lifespan than their parents.”

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