Boise School Board - VOTE TODAY

It's an important election for three seats on the Boise School District board. Incumbents Nancy Gregory and Doug Park have done well and deserve to be re-elected. Brian Cronin will make a great addition. The John Hruby-Grant Walden-Travis Jones axis is some weird concept cooked up (or at least simmered) by John Foster. While they're all capable of soft palaver, it's quite suspect. The Boise School District is the best one in the state; let's keep it that way.

Please vote, and please consider choosing Nancy Gregory, Doug Park, and Brian Cronin.

(Tony Shallat's a worthy challenger, and I hope to see him active in local and/or state politics, but I'm afraid voting for him would be dilution in the 5-way contest for the two 6-year seats.